Accomodating disabilities

18-Jul-2020 03:16

New terms refocus attention from an overall deficiency to a narrow developmental disorder that affects how the student learns.Two terms, specific learning disorder (SLD) and specific developmental disorder (SDD), emphasize that these disorders are specific in nature, suggesting specific coping strategies for individual disorders (Wender 5, 14; Eckwall 315-316).A crucial accommodation is giving explicit clarification whether in the classroom, in the lab, on the web, or via distance learning.Occasionally a more significant accommodation must be made for the SLD student.The number of SLD students in higher education is actually greater since many SLD students do not have the formal testing that legitimizes their learning disability.What this means is that one-fourth to one-third of freshmen students have some level of learning difficulty.Unfortunately these technologies are too rarely evaluated for how they might help "individuals with learning disabilities to compensate for specific cognitive deficits" (Day and Edwards).Something as simple as encouraging students to word process all assignments can have a dramatic impact on a student with poor motor-coordination, which often makes his or her handwriting disorganized and difficult to read.

But the real frustration came when I was grading research papers. When measuring ideas, Albert was a genius, or at least he had the potential to excel.

This change in terminology emphasizes that a student may have difficulty in one particular aspect of learning while mastering and excelling in others.

Therefore, many SLD students may not need major modifications to succeed at a college level, but rather minor accommodations to meet his or her specific differing learning needs.

This number has increased approximately 10% in the last ten years.

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In 1993, 25% of all college students identified themselves as learning disabled, and in 2000 this number increased to approximately 33% (NCLD).He's holding two library books in his hands like someone holds a food tray. I'm trying not to draw attention to him, so I continue my instructions and avert my gaze.

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