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Our content is educational in nature and is not intended to promote the consumption of kratom. You are responsible to understand the laws in your state and country.Please view our Terms & Privacy page to view our terms & conditions and privacy policy.I have once again changed my Fanfiction name so hopefully this time is the last. I kind of also want to get into making figurines of animals and characters out of clay. Specifically, I enjoy designing characters and not just their appearances, but their backstories and personalities as well. Meanwhile, Vexen is channeling his inner sixties comic book supervillain. ODDx OCCloud gets into trouble with some bullies, and Sephiroth is there to kiss it better. One-shot, written for the FFVII Kink Meme with the prompt 'Sephiroth/Cloud plus Zack, medical examination'."'I'll warn you, I snore.' Cloud informed the brunet with a lazy drawl, his eyes closed and heavy with fatigue.I feel like this fits me more since it's essentially the name of one of my characters as well as what type of creature she is. I someday hope to work for a studio like Disney or Dream Works. 9u9-Things I enjoy- Horsebackriding, art, being with friends and family, nature, animals, love, plushies, roller coasters, cuddly creatures, Studio Ghibli, insane designs, music, cosplay, doodling, yaoi, yuri, DDR, video games, k-pop, eh, you get the drift...-Things that I dislike- Stress, family and friends getting hurt, muscle pain, to have to function on not a lot of sleep, homophobes, having to be patient, haters...again, you get my point. 'We'll see about that.' Leon responded with a smirk, pressing a kiss to the back of Cloud's neck." For x Owle X, who was in need.Amethyst/Ruby - Steven Universe Chloe - Life is Strange Adrien/Cat Noir - Miraculous Ladybug(And there are probably numerous others that I'm forgetting. Like Anna, I care deeply for those I bond with and I'm outgoing and a bit of a dork. Elsa - I always fear confrontations and so when I'm angry or upset, I try to keep it in to save other people from my wrath. Odd-centric, Ux Y, Jx AHere is where I'll dump everything set in my other story, Parenting, that doesn't actually make it into the story. Current oneshot: A glimpse into the life of the Strife family. I'll never forget the feral look she gave me when she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. The many marriage proposals, both traditional and otherwise, between Eugene and Rapunzel. Christmas this year doesn't seem to be turning out right for anyone.But it ends up coming out like an explosion anyway. Rapunzel - I am an artist as well as a dreamer and hate being cooped up. Merida - I am a bit of a tomboy who slouches, is a messy eater and hates being forced to do things that I don't want to do. (Ratings range from T-M) (Akuroku, Soriku, Van Ven, Zemyx, Terra Ven, plus our favorite little girls will be included.)In the seventy years between the end of the Hundred Year War and the Equalist Revolution, the United Republic of Nations is formed, Republic City is founded, and love blooms between Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko. Warning: Allusions to sexual activities, but nothing graphic. Let's have ourselves a little competition." That itself should have sent me running. Joniss."And after years and years of asking and asking and asking... Between being snowed in, stuck in an airport, stuck alone with your ex and a visit to the hospital, no one seems to be able to catch a break.I swear I'm missing a few, but after fixing and re-organizing this how many times, I'm sure your brains are thankful that I can't remember any more. And I'm hyper.)Now here are the Disney characters I'm most like and why: Anna - I am extremely loyal but can only take being shut out by people for so long. Can he remember what happened with the help of a mysterious albino girl? Gary XOCOdd feels like a fifth wheel, so he does the only thing that makes sense: becomes a student counselor.XD: Soul Characters: (Characters that I'm a lot like/really empathize with)Lightning/Vanille - Final Fantasy XIIIYuffie/Cloud - Final Fantasy VIIXion/Sora - Kingdom Hearts Sakura - Cardcaptor Sakura Ichigo - Tokyo Mew Mew Anna - Frozen Rapunzel - Tangled Merida - Brave Kyoko/Mami - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Chocolat - Sugar Sugar Rune Yuuki/Zero - Vampire Knight Wisty - Witch and Wizard Nudge - Maximum Ride Stitch - Lilo and Stitch May/Bonnie - Pokemon Mai/Joey - Yu Gi Oh! I am silly and happy and love forming bonds with others. And as he forms a bond with many of the younger students, the others figure out what he means to them.

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Different stories of different ratings, lengths, and themes. Cx Z Pair."I don't mind." Cloud tried to reassure him, aware that his problem was more than a little unique. He blames himself for the ravenette's untimely death, but also regrets never getting to tell him exactly how he felt. I have a few nicknames, any of which you may call me. A series of unrelated one-shots written at odd hours of the night..and match pairings. When Zack and Cloud fall in love, they both know they have a big problem - or, three big problems.Facts about me: Age: 24Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel (and yes, I wear glasses! ADA Rafael Barba is still reeling from the judge setting aside the jury's verdict in the Evie Barnes case.GXJaden/Jesse Jaden/Aster Jaden/Chazz Zane/Atticus Jaden/Blair Pokémon Ash/Gary Drew/May Ash/Brock Ash/Serena The Hunger Games Katniss/Peeta Peeta/Finnick Katniss/Johanna Katniss/Finnick Vampire Academy Rose/Adrian Rose/Lissa Dimitri/Adrian Ben 10/Ben 10: Alien Force Ben/Kevin Ben/Gwen Gwen/Cooper Shugo Chara! Stop over exaggerating." In which Wally tries to convince Jinx to be something else for Halloween this year.

Amu/Utau Ikuto/Tadase Ikuto/Amu Kukai/Utau Kukai/Amu Nagihiko/Amu (Nadeshiko/Amu)Rima/Amu Bravely Default/Bravely Second Tiz/Agnes Edea/Ringabel Tiz/Ringabel Edea/Agnes Ringabel/Agnes Yew/Magnolia Yew/Tiz Yew/Janne Kingdom Hearts Roxas/Xion Axel/Xion Sora/Kairi Sora/Xion Sora/Roxas Sora/Riku Xion/Kairi Xion/Namine Namine/Kairi Vanitas/Sora Vanitas/Ventus Terra/Ventus Cloud/Leon Isa/Lea Axel/Demyx Zexion/Demyx Kairi/Vanitas Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko/Aang Toph/Sokka Katara/Suki Katara/Mai Katara/Jet Teen Titans Robin/Terra Robin/Starfire Robin/Beast Boy Terra/Raven Starfire/Raven Beast Boy/Terra Kid Flash/Jinx Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura/Syaoran Tomoyo/Eriol Touya/Yukito Tokyo Mew Mew Ryou/Ichigo Mint/Ichigo Mint/Zakuro Berry/Tasuku Fragile Dreams Seto/Crow Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Olivia/Rafael Olivia/Nick Olivia/Alex Olivia/Amanda George/Elliot John/Fin Grey's Anatomy Izzie/Alex Meredith/Derek Meredith/Adison Lexi/Mark Callie/Arizona Harry Potter Harry/Luna Harry/Hermione Hermione/Draco Harry/Draco Ron/Draco Remus/Tonks Remus/James Left4Dead 2Nick/Ellis My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Twilight Sparkle/Rainbow Dash Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle/Pinkie Pie Twilight Edward/Jacob Jacob/Renesmee Carlisle/Esme Alice/Jasper Bree/Seth Bree/Jasper Leah/Jacob The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/The Suite Life on Deck Cody/Bailey Zack/Maddie Zack/Cody Frozen Anna/Elsa Tangled Rapunzel/Eugene Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyoko/Sayaka Homura/Madoka Wizards of Waverly Place Alex/Justin Alex/Mason Justin/Harper High School Musical Troy/Ryan Troy/Gabriella Gabriella/Sharpay Final Fantasy VIIZack/Cloud Sephiroth/Cloud Zack/Sephiroth/Cloud Cloud/Angeal/Genesis/Zack/Sephiroth Angeal/Cloud Genesis/Cloud Tifa/Cloud Final Fantasy VIIISquall/Selphie Squall/Quistis Final Fantasy XIIISnow/Lightning Noel/Lightning Fang/Vanille Serah/Noel Serah/Hope Serah/Lightning Lumina/Lightning Hope/Lightning Hope/Snow Fang/Lightning Vanille/Lightning Life is Strange Chloe/Max Nathan/Warren X-Files Scully/Mulder Zootopia Judy/Nick Miraculous Ladybug Adrien/Marinette (Ladybug/Cat Noir)Fire Emblem: Awakening Chrom/Robin Sully/Stahl Henry/Olivia Ricken/Maribelle Nowi/Gregor Panne/Robin Fire Emblem: Fates Xander/Corrin Leo/Corrin Kaden/Corrin Saizo/Corrin Silas/Corrin Saizo/Hana Oboro/Hinata Keaton/Camilla Ryoma/Mozu Selkie/Asugi Subaki/Hana Kaze/Rinkah Beruka/Niles Beruka/Selena Lazlow/Selena Odin/Elise Ophelia/Soleil Setsuna/Takumi Charlotte/Benny Effie/Arthur Silas/Peri Nyx/Leo Hinoka/Leo Nyx/Odin Hayato/Kagero Hayato/Sakura Silas/Hinoka Junjou Romantica Misaki/Usagi Miyagi/Shinobu Boku dake ga inai machi Satoru/Kayo Satoru/Kenya Satoru/Airi Your Lie in April Kousei/Kaori And for now, that's seriously all I can think of. [If you squint really hard, you'll see some Flinx.]Re-Write of 'Under the Skin': Gary Oak wakens from a three month coma to find he has forgotten five years of his life.

It feels like I have edited this thing how many times now. Hold the people close to you forever near and dear to your heart. Starts off in Frostbite when Adrian first meets Rose, at the porch at the lodge. She has no romantic tie to Mason, but sadly Mason still dies..sorry guys and i hope you enjoy! He's so tired of it, in fact, that now he's taking it out of the rest of the Organization. Told in a collection of mini one-shot stories about their misadventures through the holiday season, Lightning and Snow continue to learn the importance of being together and how invaluable their company alone is to one another. Now, at seventeen, Yumi and Ulrich are dating; Aelita and Jeremie are in love; and Odd has his eyes set on the new girl.