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31-Jan-2021 17:44

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The argument is that once a woman has been 'sold' and 'bought', she is made powerless.

She belongs to the man who commands her that she must respect him and satisfy his sexual needs each time he desires because he paid bride wealth.

Using the same premise, the serious rise in cases of gender and sexual violence among the Shona of Zimbabwe today is normally explained in terms of how African [Shona] tradition raised citizens.

The argument is that African patriarchy in general, and Shona practice in particular, had very little if any consideration for women, who were viewed and treated as less human.

It is this behaviour which has largely led men to be blamed for the spread of the virus that causes HIV.

The fact that such behaviour is buttressed by sayings which at face value appear African in origin should not mislead people into believing that tradition moulded the negative qualities that we see in today's men.

Quite disappointingly, only 150 out of the 244 women approached did respond to the initial questions.

The term ‘single’ or ‘unattached’ as the respondents explain, does not necessarily mean living without s3x.

Those in the Prime Years group (21-25, 22%), Vital Years group (26-30, 27%), Borderline group (31-35, 32%), and the Danger Zone group (36-40, 19%).

Note, that because of the small sample size, the fallacy of generalization may be committed if these statistics or findings are viewed as a perfect representation of the real situation in England or the West.

Women are said to have been viewed and treated as sex objects.

The payment of lobola, a bride price/wealth property in cash or kind wherein a prospective husband or head of his family undertakes to give to the head of a prospective wife's family in consideration of a customary marriage in Africa thus marks the beginning of a family that is usually castigated as the 'selling' of a woman to a man.

The first saying is used to condone man's behaviour, of hoping from one woman to another.

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