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14-Jul-2020 02:15

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But season six, as a whole, was weak, and at the end they blew it. They say “I love you” like they’ve said it a hundred times. I wanted to see how they looked at each other that first moment when they both realized that they are willing to risk everything to try to make the relationship work.

For six years (or, for me, four months) viewers have been waiting for the pay-off. They brought us along for the ride, and right when we were going to get everything we’ve been waiting for? Then at the beginning of season seven, Brennan and Booth are together. I wanted to see that first passionate kiss where you know they know they love each other—and I’m not talking about the kiss under the mistletoe in season three!

My second favorite is the two-parter in London, perhaps for obvious reasons (LONDON). I tried again this season b/c I wanted to see how they handled Booth and Bones finally together. But Bones' TSTL moments do have me rolling my eyes.

When they broke up at the beginning of Season Six, I was ecstatic!

I've lost track) in which it was revealed that Booth and Brennan almost had a thing before the start of the series. I hate when books/shows set up a main character as a super special someone whom everybody loves and is loyal to when in reality, the person is an egotistical tool. And yes, so upset there was no big kiss, no declaration of love, nothing. The writers could have done so much better with it.

Also, her reasoned, objective, analytical, don't-jump-to-conclusions-without- facts philosophy is horseshit when it comes to her own leaps in logic without definable proof or when it's something that wounded her in her oh-s0-sad childhood, like Booth's religion, where she immediately loses any semblance of respect much less politeness simply because she doesn't like it. Don't even get me started on Season one's "why can't I have a gun? BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT A TRAINED ARMY RANGER SNIPER/FBI AGENT you dumbass! I was sorely let down as a watcher of the series (and have been from the very first episode).

It’s brilliantly written with strong actors and they haven’t slacked off on story, which can happen in a long running series. I still haven’t bought into Zach being the apprentice (those who have watched from the beginning know what I mean!

A brave, handsome, smart hero paired with an intelligent, capable, independent heroine and a well-developed cast of secondary characters. ), Brennan isn’t stupid and she’s usually very consistent and reasoned in her behavior, but sometimes she does TSTL things that have me banging my head (like driving toward the tornado.) I really dislike intern Daisy.I know she’s written to be annoying, but every time I see her at the beginning of the show I sigh in frustration. Nigel-Murray is gon …(As an aside, Nigel-Murray was annoying, too, but he didn’t bug me like Daisy does.