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The reference to the Babylonians (literally, "Chaldeans") as the threatening new world power indicates a period prior to Judah's subjugation by the armies of Nebuchadnezzar. C., when the Babylonians captured Jerusalem and deported the young king Jehoiachin to Babylon (2 Kings 24:8-17). may therefore be an appropriate conjecture of the time in which Habakkuk had his inspired vision.

Habakkuk lived in the period of Jehoiakim's reign (608-598 B. An important event during this period was the defeat at Carchemish of Pharaoh Neco and his Egyptian army by Prince Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia in 605 B. Shortly after Babylon gained this victory over Egypt, Judah and a number of other kingdoms became subject to the powerful Babylonians. During this time the Babylonians became the dominating force on the international scene, mercilessly sweeping aside any opposition (Hab. The evil reign of Jehoiakim formed a sad contrast to that of his father, the good king Josiah (see Jer. It was a period of spiritual deterioration in which the covenant people increasingly lost their unique character (Hab. Habakkuk appears to have written to the Judahites still living in the Promised Land (the northern tribes had been taken into captivity in 722 B. The Judahites had committed grave covenant violations, including committing violence against one another and perverting justice (Hab.

The opening verse of the book attributes the book to Habakkuk, a prophet. For example, "setting your nest on high to be safe from the reach of harm" (2:9) might characterize the conduct of the more privileged in our world. Superscription (Habakkuk 1:1)The introduction to part one of the book. Habakkuk's First Lament: The Wicked Oppress the Righteous!

If readers find themselves in that position, the book operates differently: it assumes that if God is attentive to injustice, readers will not be able to use injustice to secure a place "safe from the reach of harm." AUTHOR: Richard W. (Habakkuk 1:2-4)Habakkuk confronts God, assuming that, if God hears the cry of the righteous, God saves the righteous. God's Response: The Chaldeans Will Punish the Wicked (Habakkuk 1:5-11)God is at work employing Chaldean (Babylonian) expansion as a means to clear out the corrupters of justice within Habakkuk's community. Habakkuk's Second Lament: Why Use Wickedness to Punish Wickedness?

Because only divine intervention could bring about a reversal of this lethal situation, Habakkuk urgently and persistently (but seemingly in vain) appealed to the heavenly Judge (Hab. In response the Lord revealed that the Babylonians who were then appearing on the scene of history (Hab. This cure sounded even worse than the disease and added to the prophet's distress (Hab. How could the holy God, for whom it is impossible to tolerate wrong (Hab.

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Thus, the frightfulness is paralleled by an even stronger confidence and exultation. Instead, Habakkuk takes up the question of the attentiveness of God to the demise of righteous sufferers and the free range that the wicked have over against them.The book asserts that oppressive violence is not enduring in the face of God's opposition to it.God is involved in the ebb and flow of history to provide refuge, even from God's own wrath. Purpose: To guide Israel toward faith in God during the trials of the Babylonian conquest and exile by displaying the prophet's personal struggle and resolution. The reference in Habakkuk 1:1 as "the prophet" may imply that he was well known.

The opening verse explicitly identifies "Habakkuk the prophet" as the author of this book. It may be connected with the Hebrew root "to embrace" or with the name of an Assyrian plant called "hambakuku." The former meaning may refer to Habakkuk's embrace of the Lord or vice versa; the latter may suggest a penetration of Assyrian culture into Judean society.2:3-4); i.e., perseverance, patience, and hopeful expectation in waiting for the coming fulfillment of the Lord's unfailing promise.

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