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Her wings may be irreparable, but she's got wheels now to take her to her destiny.- gave her fans a more mature sound - swapping out her dance club musical persona in exchange for a more mature, R&B sound to show everyone that she’s not just a pop star, but also a vocalist worthy of respect.She has always had that voice, that voice that can pierce the heart and blast the mountaintops.

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With their debut LP, she mixes in her Hispanic heritage with command and vulnerability, flipping between the tango of "Verdad" and the soft coo of "Yo Me Voy" into stunning pieces such as "Guns in Our Hands" and "Band Aid," perhaps the best song of 2016.

This Marsh boot will outlast a mudroom full of wellies.

I’ve had a pair since late Summer’s trip to the Matapedia for Atlantic Salmon.

I’m currently using mine to walk the dog out every morning in corn and bean stubble and they don’t look any worse for wear.

Right from the get-go, 2016 was an unmitigated disaster. Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Phife Dawg, the dude who wrote the “Oscar Mayer Wiener Song." But then there was the unceasing conveyor belt of abject misery: Snapchat rolling out that Bob Marley filter; the apocalypse looking closer than ever as horrific rumors of an “urban” Taylor Swift album swirled ominously around the internet; someone at Shell, the oil and gas company, giving the thumbs-up on this thing; Macklemore releasing a song called “White Privilege II”; the Wu-Tang Clan entering into an honest-to-god beef with a pharmaceutical supervillain; Barney’s selling Joy Division tees for 5; Corey Feldman’s appearance on “Today”; Soulja Boy banning Shia La Beouf from the city of Atlanta. We’re not even going to mention all the grim things that happened outside the music world bubble. And the whole year would have been a wash if, beyond the hoopla and distractions, the music didn’t deliver. Once you’ve proved to yourself that you can draw Batman, you’re ready to tackle a more complex assignment: perhaps a four panel strip in which Batman throws up and screams. Anybody who’s ever lost his or her lunch can draw on the cellular memory of that event.

socially, he could be very charming." Cohn was known to scream and curse at actors and directors in his office all afternoon, and greet them cordially at a dinner party that evening.… continue reading »

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, which was scheduled to show an episode based on the Delhi gang-rape case, has postponed the telecast citing "unavoidable reasons".… continue reading »

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Some best bets: AT&T Next is a phone financing plan that splits up the cost of your phone over 12 to 30 installments.… continue reading »

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