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While such an ancient origin is not indicated by an examination of the exterior, deed records substantiate the local tradition.

In 1650 a Steven Flanders was “admitted a townman on the condition that he “constantly keep the town herd of cows.” The original ownership of the house is unknown, but by 1854 it was owned by A.

Upon his death in 1662, he left his son Isaac a “new house and 56 acres.” The main house is one bay deep, and a two-story leanto extends to the rear.

One of the two oldest houses in Andover MA, the Benjamin Abbot House has been lived in since it was built.

In 1685, Benjamin, a carpenter by trade, built his home on the banks of the Shawsheen River. In May, 1692, his neighbor, Martha Allen Carrier was arrested for witchcraft, Benjamin Abbot having named her the cause of his foot swelling and open sore on his side.The house is said to contain an early room (kitchen) older than any in the Benjamin Abbot house, dating from 1671.There is the huge central chimney of First Period architecture, this one built on a large rock of hand made brick chimney; 5 fireplaces; wainscotting throughout the house and H&L hinges.The only remaining First Period evidence is the frame of the core structure, traditionally dated c. The frame is quirk-beaded on all exposed timbers, and thus must be dated to the early 18th century (perhaps c. There are three bays in this section, divided on both floors by an exposed quirk-beaded tie beam.

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Thus the first floor summer beam is transverse although it appears as longitudinal in relation to the later fireplace.Morrill, and from at least 1872 through 1884 it was owned and occupied by Albert B. Possibly a First Period house, with uneven spacing of bays, one-room depth with a two-story rear leanto, and flush eaves suggesting its early date.

[10] Liz Claiborne Inc., Conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited, (February 2005). … continue reading »

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Location: Valachia – Southern-Centre Romania Where: 108 miles northwest of Bucharest Nearby large town: Curtea de Arges (15 miles north) Nearest train station: Curtea de Arges Nearest bus stop: Arefu Web: Built at the beginning of the 13th century by the first Walachian rulers, the castle changed names and residents a few times over the decades; eventually, it was abandoned and left in ruins.… continue reading »

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