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17-Nov-2020 11:56

The anime was met with significant critical acclaim, generating many thousands of fans for the series all around the world, but many have yet to experience the source material that spawned this media franchise.

We’ll start by providing some background on the release, then talk about how it functions mechanically as a game and more specifically a visual novel, a brief introduction to and my thoughts on the story, and a look at the audiovisual quality of the game. And if you do end up picking up was originally released 11 years ago in 2004 as the third in developer Key’s line of nakige visual novels.

And there must also be some who have never experienced in any form, and want to know what all the buzz is about.

With this review, I’ll be aiming to please all of these groups by providing my own spoiler-free thoughts on the release.

Key are often credited as the company who set the standard for this genre of visual novels, and continue to be regarded by many as one of the best visual novel developers in the world.

Of all of Key’s releases, is certainly one which continues to be held in high regard by Japanese readers all these years later.Each individual character route is essentially it’s own short novel, and once you get sucked in, you’ll find it hard to put down.

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