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The work consisted of (1) making an inventory of about 1,500 wells, (2) measuring the water level in a network of about 290 wells, (3) measuring the discharge and rate of fuel consumption for 53 randomly sampled irrigation wells, (4) collecting about 150 ground-water samples for chemical analysis, (5) determining the flow-duration curves of 20 small streams in the area, (6) analyzing about 2,000 logs of oil, gas, and water tests to prepare maps of the geology of the bedrock and the altitude and configuration of the bedrock surface, and (7) evaluating the hydrologic properties of the unconsolidated aquifer.The test drilling was done with auger and hydraulic rotary rigs operated by the Kansas Geological Survey.Significant additional development for irrigation that could cause ground-water withdrawal to exceed longterm recharge and result in water-level declines is anticipated in some areas.The average annual recharge rate to ground water from precipitation is estimated to be about 2 inches.Annual withdrawals of ground water by wells increased from about 5,000 acre-feet in 1940 to about 140,000 acre-feet in 1974.The steadily increasing withdrawal rate has not produced long-term declines of water levels that may be distinguished from the effects of climatic changes.

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Therefore, it is important to evaluate the quantity and quality of water available, the effects of existing development, and the possible effects of future development.In 1940, there were about 30 municipal and industrial wells and 50 irrigation wells in the area.