Consolidating data warehouse tables

08-Mar-2020 13:51

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Area Code The three-digit precursor to the rest of a telephone number in any area of the United States and Canada. Auto Available System configuration to ensure Brand Specialists are automatically made available after wrapping up a call and disconnecting.

Artificial Intelligence The ability of a computer to mimic human cognitive skills such as learning and understanding. Auto Wrap-Up Directly related to auto available, auto wrap-up conversely puts a Brand Specialist into after-call work as opposed to available.

Architecture The fundamental structure of a system.

This establishes the workings of all the components necessary to the system and how they are integrated.

After-Call Work (ACW) The Brand Specialist activity that directly follows a call, email, chat, social media or SMS inquiry.

ACW encompasses data-entry, activity codes, dispositions, form completion and post-call communication.

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Auxiliary Work State A time in which a Brand Specialist performs tasks other than taking calls, such as sending emails or preparing paperwork.

Average Delay of Delayed Calls (DLYDLY) The average wait callers experience when awaiting connecting with a Brand Specialist.

Average Delay to Abandon The average time callers wait before the call is abandoned. Base Staff The minimum number of Brand Specialists necessary to maintain service levels over a given period of time.

Brand Specialists are required to put themselves back into available states promptly after completing after-call work.

Automated Attendant A telephone processing system that offers callers a recorded menu of choices designed to direct their call to the desired party.

During this time, Brand Specialists will not receive calls.