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A wide range of evidence is collected in a variety of ways.This includes observing learners at work, assessing children's knowledge and understanding by talking to them about their learning, and assessing their work in class.The information included in this publication is the first such data for the BGE to be gathered and published under Cf E.The data shows the Cf E level achieved (as per teacher professional judgements) for each pupil within selected stages (P1, P4, P7 and S3 and for pupils based in standalone special schools/units) in reading, writing, listening & talking and numeracy, and relates to the Cf E level achieved as at June 2016.1.2 Curriculum for Excellence levels Curriculum for Excellence is designed to achieve a transformation in education in Scotland by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum for children and young people aged from 3 to 18.The curriculum includes the totality of experiences which are planned for children and young people through their education, wherever they are being educated.A very small proportion of children have long term significant and complex additional support needs that mean that it is unlikely that they will progress through the Cf E levels during their time in education.These children are recorded as 'child following individual milestones' and are included in the data.

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1.5 Experimental statistics Experimental statistics are Official Statistics that are undergoing development.

It is expected that by the end of Primary 7, most children who have been based in Gaelic Medium Primary Schools/classes should be achieving Second Level in reading, writing, and listening & talking in both Gàidhlig and English.