Dangers of social media dating site

10-Dec-2020 07:24

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Children and adolescents who are involved in bullying (either as an aggressor, as a victim, or both) put themselves at risk for a number of emotional and behavioural problems, now and in the future, and require support to learn how to develop healthy relationships.

Read summaries of PREVNet's comprehensive research on bullying and our understanding of it as a relationship problem.

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As mentioned that unknown online users may indulge in aggressive or offensive behavior.It is apparent from the results that overall the social media has a negative effect on the social well-being of an individual.The kids using Facebook or other social media sites are at a greater risk of suffering from the hate speech.Stalking is defined as the obsessive monitoring or attention towards the victim that may harass him or her.

Cyber-stalking can be done in many different ways using social media.Often it is very difficult to moderate such content due to its viral nature.