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05-Apr-2020 21:33

With unimaginable highs, like the platinum success of artists like Brooklyn’s The Notorious B. G., R&B trio Total and introducing the masses to Harlem World’s Ma$e, Combs would face the unfortunate battle of coasts with Death Row Records, the soul crushing death of The Notorious B. G and himself looking at serious jail time at one point. Not only surviving but thriving in an entertainment world that hunts you down to throw you out, he’s prospered in areas previously closed to young black executives.

Defining eras from the early 90s to now, he’s stumbled and rebounded with stints in acting on Broadway and entering Hollywood’s silver screens to snatching prestigious awards in the fashion world with his Sean John clothing line.

The producer has no problems trashing this other A list director who has already fallen from grace.

Danity Kane might have spilt but the love is constant between Dawn & Que.

This new culture gave rise to stars, and none shone brighter than Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs.

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”To our credit, we continued with the piece in the inaugural issue, showing Puff in his brash, bossy and shirtless glory.Que: [laughs] I don’t think I even got anything for Valentine’s Day. Like, my past girlfriends I usually buy them gifts. Singersroom: What’s the best Valentine’s Day present you’ve ever gotten? Que and I haven’t had the opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day together… We’ve been knowing each other awhile, but we work a lot, and we’ve never really had one… I’m sorry, someone just slipped a card underneath my door saying “I have a crush on you.” I’m not kidding you. The magazine founded by the legendary musician/producer Quincy Jones, was created on the pulse of our music, as it was riding the of television, radio, film and fashion becoming charged with the electricity of the streets.

Thus, VIBE provided the all encompassing platform to showcase the evolving genre while it solidified a firm placement in the fabric of this nation.

From philanthropy to politics to purified water companies, Combs has done it all…the man even ran the New York City marathon, hence the moniker “Diddy Runs The City.”The path to over 20 years of Bad Boy Records has found Combs breaking the rules and making his own, and VIBE has been there for the whole ride.

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