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The Plan considers the present situation, the various growth trends at work and future issues. Likewise authority also receives application for approval of development of plan for group Housing.

It integrates key influencing factors including City's natural environment, its heritage, and issues of economic efficiency and social equality. In this case if it is more than Ground Four and above Floors, No Objection Certificates from Air Port Authority, Telecom (BSNL) Fire-Authority receives applications for change of land use from Residential to Commercial, Industrial to Residential, Public and Semi Public to Residential etc.

Bangalore Development Authority is the Planning Authority for Bangalore Metropolitan area. This application will be processed under section 14: A of KTCP Act 1961.

As a Planning Authority, BDA has to prepare the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) for Bangalore Metropolitan area. Objection from the public will be invited fro calling objections, if any within16 days from the notification published in the New Papers.

The total jurisdiction of BDA as per Revised CDP is 1279 Sq. Town Planning Section furnishes opinion in respect of Town Planning matters, both within the state and outside the State Government and other agencies.

Under Section 25 of the KTCP Act, 1961 Revision of Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) activity is periodic, once in ten years.

The CDP of Bangalore, which was originally prepared and approved by Government in 1984 and later revised (first revision) and approved in 1995, needs second revision based on up to date physical developments and trends in growth of the Metropolis.

The Survey of India has commenced the reconnaissance work in December 2002. 27, 2003 and was completed for 510 points in the first week of March 2003.

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The second phase of work to fix additional control points to fill up gap areas and to re-establish disturbed points was taken up by BDA in June 2003 and additional points were fixed.As a part of transactional records, transactional data is grouped with associated master data and reference data.