Dating for once married singles

13-Sep-2020 03:19

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Seasoned daters know this question matters and often note in their online profiles that they’re divorced.

This question could reflect nothing more than curiosity.

Our singles community is massive, and you're only a couple of clicks away from finding a date.

Dating sites can seem almost as daunting as the Internet itself: With so many options, how exactly do you know where to click?

If you’ve been married before, the theory goes, you must have the ability to commit. On its own, the word “divorced” conveys only two things: 1) that the person was, at some point, united with another person in a legally sanctioned arrangement; and 2) it ended, and not because one of the partners died.

Plus, at one time, someone else wanted to commit to you for life, never mind that “for life” got demoted to “for a while.” I’m one of the divorced masses. Even if you ask follow-up questions, the answers shed little light on a person’s relationship skills.

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You don't need to spend hours filling out questionnaires.

Before meeting my now-husband, I messaged with, went out with, and even briefly dated multiple men off the website.