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02-Oct-2020 04:03

How do you explain that even if you get a low-paying job, you probably won’t be making enough to afford housing and food?

And how do you explain that in America, your neighbors will most likely not open their doors for you if something goes wrong?

They could go months before tapping into the funds, but just in case someone loses a job or a spouse, this fund is there as a safety net.

Did I mention that in a Reconciliation Village survivors and perpetrators are living together?

Thankfully, America has thankfully never experienced an atrocity like the Rwandan genocide, but prejudice is still something we should fear and continuously fight.

But since so many Americans are in denial about its existence, it’s impossible to have a productive dialogue about it.

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This semester she is studying abroad in Kigali, Rwanda and has agreed to share some of her experiences and insights (as well as her frustrations) with the Scholars & Rogues community.Because if you don’t do it yourself, then it’s not real success. Living in a new culture makes me question my own, which is healthy, I suppose. I just wish that America lived up to what non-Americans believe it to be.