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The pharmacy then charges employers or their insurance companies for the workers’ pain medicine, sometimes at sky-high prices, records show.An email to doctors, signed by one of the law firm’s founding partners, Sam Pond, outlined the arrangement: “For all patients that you may see with a workers’ compensation claim, referred to you from our office or elsewhere, we ask that you have our pharmacy, Workers First Pharmacy Services, fill the scripts.” Some of the doctors sending patients to Workers First also own a piece of the pharmacy, enabling them to make money from both patient care and the prescriptions.“Talk about an unholy alliance,” said Joseph Paduda, president of Comp Pharma, a trade association for workers’ comp pharmacy-benefit managers.These sorts of doctor- and lawyer-owned pharmacies are largely unknown outside of the local workers’ comp industry and are not fully understood even within legal and medical communities, because the lawyers and physicians behind them have kept a low profile or sought to conceal their ownership. Steven Joffe, chief of the division of medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania’s medical school.On its website, Pond Lehocky is vague about its relationship to Workers First, saying it is “partnering” with the pharmacy to help clients get the best pharmaceutical care.Clients who click through to the pharmacy’s website are told: “Focus on your recovery.

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“Since you can’t do it directly from your office, they set up these pharmacies that are separate entities but obviously related,” Mackenzie said.Rishin Patel, CEO of Insight Medical Partners, and Dr.