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As both a hyper-organized person and a Capricorn (can I blame it on that?), I leave detailed notes for her whenever we leave town, including: In other words, I tend to cover all the bases.

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Ashley came by to pick up some things and return our key, and that’s when we heard the funny part. ” It had never occurred to me that along with all my other notes, I should warn Ashley that Ripley has been trained to alert me for alarms.So, despite the fact that my official service dog, Rocky, was in San Diego, Ashley still had a service dog in the house…once a service dog, always a service dog. Each time we add a new animal, it seems there is a new company involved.Little Bit and Kenji, ages six and seven, are registered with Pet Link. Rocky and Pickle, ages three and four months, are registered with 24Pet Watch.Now that Sabrina is retired, sometimes she sets her alarm to wake up early, and then decides to sleep in. I have been that way forever – even as a kid, I arranged my books on the shelf by author’s name. The others who had Avid chips have now passed away.

I hate it, because Ripley ignores Sabrina, and comes to wake ME up! But I would have remembered if I sold my service dog to a woman named Alyssa. Since that time, competition has come onto the market.

Let me look here.” (Pause) Do you know anyone named Alyssa? “The number was incorrectly assigned to someone else. It should be listed again now on your account.” I checked to make sure, thanked him, and hung up. And someone scanned her microchip, and then they would call some woman named Alyssa, who would have no idea who I am, or how to reach me?