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Natural "gut" strings were also replaced with synthetic strings.

In the 19th century the game increased in popularity with various schools, clubs and even private citizens building squash courts, but with no set dimensions. In April 1907 the Tennis, rackets & Fives Association set up a sub committee to set standards for squash.

Small colored dots on the ball indicate its dynamic level (bounciness), and thus the standard of play for which it is suited.

The recognized speed colors indicating the degree of dynamism are: Some ball manufacturers such as Dunlop use a different method of grading balls based on experience.

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In the 1980s, construction shifted to lighter materials (such as aluminium and graphite) with small additions of components like Kevlar, boron and titanium.They are made with two pieces of rubber compound, glued together to form a hollow sphere and buffed to a matte finish.