Estella warren dating peter berg

24-May-2020 07:33

“Jaime used the Find My i Phone app – which is like GPS – and saw that her assistant’s phone was at a club in West Hollywood called Bootsy Bellows.

So she immediately left the party with her friends to find out who had it.” According to our eyewitness when Jaime arrived at the club, she spotted Warren holding an i Phone.

The feisty My Name Is Earl star was at a birthday bash for her publicist Gary Mantoosh at a private house in Los Angeles when her assistant’s handbag containing her i Phone went missing.

Determined to discover where the bag – which also contained Pressly’s own keys – had gone, the blonde actress used modern technology to track it down, only to end up accusing Planet of the Apes beauty, Warren of taking it.

“Estella was at the party as a guest of the photographer, not of the birthday boy,” an eyewitness tells Radar

“However everyone was getting on and having a good time.” That was until the bag disappeared.

I’m picturing Joy Turner with pigtails, smacking her gum and pulling Estella’s hair while she cries for mercy.

Joy would get her assistant’s stuff back and then she would steal Estella’s purse and take her jewelry and shoes for good measure.

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The app will also tell you where your device is on a map, down to the address.

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