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Attested derivations are pwnage, skillage, and speakage.However, leet provides exceptions; the word leetage is acceptable, referring to actively being leet.The loose grammar, just like loose spelling, encodes some level of emphasis, ironic or otherwise.A reader must rely more on intuitive parsing of leet to determine the meaning of a sentence rather than the actual sentence structure.For more casual use of leet, the primary strategy is to use homoglyphs, symbols that closely resemble (to varying degrees) the letters for which they stand.The choice of symbol is not fixed—anything that the reader can make sense of is valid. It uses some alphabetic characters to replace others in ways that play on the similarity of their glyphs via reflection or other resemblance.

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When forming a past participle ending in -ed, the Leet user may replace the -e with an apostrophe, as was common in poetry of previous centuries, (e.g. It is often seen in the phrase "IBB7" (in before banned), which indicates that the poster believes that a previous poster will soon be banned from the site, channel, or board on which they are both posting.Derivation of a noun from an adjective stem is done by attaching -ness to any adjective.

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