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Do you remember that girl you could never get in grade school? I get what I want, and no, is not a word that I will take lightly. Tie me up and stretch me out, just how you like me. Impress me with undying obedience, or corrupt my sheltered little world. Sticky-sweet Gracie Get Nude Pics Hardcore Stories Enjoy Free Minutes!

You will be my object, with the sole purpose of pleasing me. I’ve been a bad little girl and I deserve to be punished. Are you going to show me, with your rigid appendage, what a dirty little whore I’ve been? I’m an air-tight slit to shove your pulsing erection into, but I love to be spoiled.

It always brings back memories of my childhood, my prepubescent years to be exact.

My daddy would sneak into my bed in the wee hours of the morning to “snuggle” is what he called it.

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When I opened the door further and walked into the room his head popped up from her little mound.

I told my son to kiss the tip of daddy’s dick then suck on it as if it’s a lollipop while she pumped his cock with her tiny little hand.