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10-Mar-2020 05:53

She produced issue-oriented docudramas -- a fulfilling but crazy and stress-filled existence.

Helena confessed that she always felt that marriage and family were a crucial component of "success" and that something important was missing in her life.

” One comic I interviewed who became a star during his salad days doing Jewish “shtick” recently swore there was no difference between Red Skelton and Sid Caesar! The Wish Tim and Lyle, walking down Main Street with Moshe, their boss, spied an oil lamp. Frum & More Frum A distinguished orthodox rabbi arrived in heaven and was greeted by an angel. Marnie invites you to join her on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. For counseling she can also be reached at Liveperson:

He has used what he has learned and created to transform his life, losing 180 pounds and maintaining it while rediscovering his vitality.

His coaching program has literally transformed peoples’ lives, helping them discover how amazing they are and live the life of their dreams.

He stuck around, and 12 months later they were married.

Not content to bask in her personal happiness, Helena wanted to help others.Helena believes that every man or woman who is single and seriously wants to get married should have a post-it on their refrigerator, "What one thing am I going to do today in service of my personal life?

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To vrijedi mozda jos naro- cito za sisteme religije jer ove u bitnosti ne mozemo razlikovati od prave filozofije, pa je svaka religija u svojim dubinama filozofija, a svaka filo- zofija u svojim visinama religija* Iako je ovaj problem prvenstveno filozofski, to ce si o njem ipak svaki covjek koji hoce da zivi zivotom visega reda morati dati racuna, jer o torn zavisi da li ce i kakvo ce imati misljenje o svijetu.… continue reading »

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