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“The dress needs to be appropriate according to the Islamic custom of hejab (veil): women are not required to be veiled in front of mahram relatives such as husband, father, son, brother, but are required to be “modest” if they are likely to be seen by na-mahram males." The distinction between private and public space often depends on a woman’s social class.

Women were also more likely to pursue higher education, a product of the free education and the literacy campaigns.Women's rights for Iranian women and their legal status has changed during different political and historical eras.This includes marriage law, divorce law, education rights, clothing and Hijab, health and abortion-related issues (like family planning in Iran and abortion law in Iran) and the right to vote.In May 1997, the overwhelming majority of women voted for Mohammad Khatami, a reformist cleric who promised more political freedom.

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His election brought a period during which women became increasingly bold in expressing ideas, demands, and criticisms."Bad hijab" ― exposure of any part of the body other than hands and face – is subject to punishment of up to 70 lashes or 60 days imprisonment.