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Calvin neglects the barbershop while spending time with his "other" family (Tanya Roberts, Christopher "Kid" Reid, Kendra Smith).

Malcolm drops the lawsuit after Romadal attacks him.

Jimmy tries to use his nonexistent political clout to do a favor for Jen."Niggaz", an urban fashion chain store owned by African-Americans, opens a franchise in the neighborhood. Big Tricky (Page Kennedy) wants his cousin Romadal to be the spokesman for his new hip-hop CD, but he needs Calvin's approval first.

But when the owner of the new store turns out to be Korean-American, some residents are outraged by the use of the N-word . Calvin and Jen have dinner with David and Dana Kang (Kipp Shiotani, Lauren Tom), who are constantly cursing at each other in public.

Jen competes with her sister Jan to find the perfect gift for Calvin's birthday.Calvin learns that his late father had a second family . Calvin learns that his mother and brother (Roz Ryan, Phil La Marr) have known about his father's second family for years.The former mayor of Chicago (John Rubinstein) decides to run against Jimmy.Isaac's surname is changed from Rosenberg to Brice (and the dark-haired man becomes a blond).

The Nigerian-born Dinka is renamed "Yinka", as Yinka is an actual Nigerian name, while Dinka is not.

Calvin continues to spend time with his other family, and the barbershop suffers in his absence.