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“I’m only a couple miles from where I was born, just across the river in Tuscumbia at Helen Keller hospital. You can still go and see the well and the Ivy Green.” White speaks in a honeyed drawl, with an appealing blend of humility and confidence. When we won, a guy I went to school with texted, ‘Congratulations, now you’ve done something that Led Zeppelin and Queen never did.’ That put it in perspective.

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White promises a fleshed-out sound for his upcoming tour, which begins in New Orleans and covers a half-dozen states before he heads to the U. I tend to gravitate towards those and strip ’em down.” Metallica and Megadeth (“I was an 80s kid,” White says with a laugh), but now he listens mostly to bluegrass and vintage country like Moon Mullican and Tex Ritter. “I’ve had a hard time finding things that really blow my skirt up, for lack of a better phrase.” As a musician from the Quad-Cities, Southern rock was everywhere. On the Tennessee-Alabama state line, you have to be able to play that stuff.” Regional pride birthed Single Lock Records, his label with partners Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes and Will Trapp.The Southern Gothic folk duo put out two celebrated albums before their frosty breakup.White was unfailingly diplomatic at the time but now looks only to the future.“I heard your voice sing like heaven’s choir/ Gathered up my fears and threw them in the fire”.“It’s not about God,” she says flatly.

“But I like to think that all things are interconnected.” When Williams began making Christian pop she was just 17.

It takes two.” Now, she is finally ready to let go.