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19-Jul-2020 18:25

David and Hayley first met in 2011, having reportedly met around Cardiff Bay while he was filming Britain's Got Talent.

The couple announced their engagement last May via Hello!

It's somewhat bonkers, obviously, although it does beg the question: has anyone ever threatened to kill the real Hoff?

'Yeah, sure,' he replies, before adding rather cryptically: 'I haven't had anything that's become the reality of what this movie is, but I have had a situation where I've had to kind of intervene and talk some sense into people who were at one point discussing taking me and,' he adds hesitantly, 'maybe not killing me, but convincing me of something and trying to get something out of me that doesn't exist.

It has also led to his latest movie, Killing Hasselhoff.

It stars Ken Jeong from The Hangover as a struggling nightclub owner who decides to kill David Hasselhoff – his entry in a celebrity death pool – in order to secure the 7,000 prize money.

At 65, he looks in fine fettle, and says after cameos in two of the year's big hit movies – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 and the Baywatch remake – 'this year has seen a resurgence of David Hasselhoff as an actor'.

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The former Dancing With The Stars contestant recently filed court papers seeking to end his ,000 per month alimony support to Bach, according to an article by TMZ.'He was talking about how difficult it was to be president and saying: 'It's not about what I can do – it's about people being self-serving, getting the credit,' and I thought, wow, he's being really honest.And then he said: 'You ever think Baywatch would be as big as it is?Then he pulled out the ring.'I cried so hard that he didn't get around to actually asking, "Will you marry me?

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In 1995, when David Hasselhoff was invited to the White House to meet Bill Clinton, he was surprised when the president invited him to go jogging the following day.'I'm not the best singer in the world and I'm not the best actor – I know that for sure – but I'm good at what I do and it's because I've worked really hard to get there.'After the huge successes of Knight Rider and Baywatch, come the turn of the century, Hasselhoff was dismayed to see his stock fall.