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Fallen stars Paul Wesley as Aaron Corbett, a good-natured high school student who discovers he is a Nephilim, human-angel hybrid.An alternate reality game advertising the series has won an interactive Emmy." Vilma immediately understands ("Light Bringer" in Latin is "Lucifer").She ventures into the temple with Gabriel, only to discover her own personal Hell, in that the professor has captured her again.But when Aaron discovers the fallen doesn't have long to live, he gives in and redeems Anane, once again alerting the Powers.Refusing to run, Aaron decides to face them, even if it means his death.

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At the college, he discovers an obsessive professor who has captured a Nephilim, who turns out to be Vilma Rodriguez, Aaron's old high school crush.

He is befriended by Ezekiel, an eccentric but kind-hearted fallen angel, and the former leader of the Powers, archangel Camael.

It is revealed Aaron is the Redeemer of prophecy, a Nephilim with the ability to "redeem" the fallen angels and return them to Heaven.

Vilma, however, manages to escape from Hell, leading Aaron to the conclusion the only one trapped in Hell is Lucifer.

Outside the temple, Mazarin and the others face off against Azazel, and defeat him, knocking him unconscious.On Aaron Corbett's 18th birthday, he begins exhibiting strange abilities, such as the ability to talk to his dog, Gabe, and other animals, leading to the conclusion that he is a Nephilim, the offspring of a human and an angel.

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