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Oh, those are also on my list for my own tank, Madtown D!I looked them up and realized that's the technical term for neon green rasbora. I had my female betta in a 40 before she started attacking, her tank mates were glow light tetras, pygmy corys, and the I'm-not-recommending-them Black skirt tetras(mine didn't nip, but mine are seniors and the younger ones do).for bottom schooling fish try coreydoras keep them in a group of 6 of more theyre very active and friendly and if you want a regular schooling fish try out neon tetras or cardinal tetras ive heard they can be with bettas with mixed succes I'm no expert. They may look boring in the store, but there's nothing cuter than a cory conga line. I love Panda as well, but they don't school as much in my experience.Some of this is from experience with bettaless community tanks and lots from the tons of research I've been doing. Nice bottom addition, even if you weren't thinking along those lines. A school of some sort of tetra would be nice as well.Again, this is just what I've been told researching my own 20, but by experienced keepers.I've had a lot of community fish, but am just seeing up my first community with a Betta.I imagine that 20 micro rasboras or ember tetras with 10-16 pygmy cories would look amazing.

and Yes I want my betta in a 40 I spot feed my ADF's and him so the faster fish dont eat all the food.

View full product details » One of our favorite Pencilfishes is the Beckford's Pencilfish, so when the opportunity arose to secure these beautiful line-bred "Red" variants, we couldn't resist! View full product details » As the much sought-after Checkerboard Cichlid goes, the so-called "Spadetail" Checkerboard, Dicrossus maculatus, is even more rare.

A native of the Tapajos region, this compact, attractive, and peaceful cichlid is...

It sounds like, if you're well filtered and removing the silver tips, you could add at least two neww, nice sized schools, though I didn't do the math and I'm not sure how ADF factor in.

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I just wrote this in another post, but for small schoolers, microdevario kubotai are great.Less shy and chas-y than my celestial pearl danios, calm, pretty, non-nippy.