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17-Dec-2020 06:53

With people living longer and the cost of care rising annually — not to mention the potential for a shortage of beds and care in nursing homes — he says creative solutions will become more important than ever.

And for millions of Americans looking to age in place, a customized mini medical mobile home might be just the ticket.

Nationwide is working with the home-medical-equipment company VGM Group, which can assess the occupant’s needs and custom-build a unit for them, including such features as a lift to hoist them out of bed.

The 605-square-foot model unit created for a trade show last year would sell for about ,000.

Ultimately, it’s not just a fixed expense but an asset.

Since you may not be able to recoup your full investment by reselling the unit, it makes sense to carefully weigh future needs and opt for a model that best enables reuse by you or another family member down the line.

Being close to family makes the elder feel less isolated (and could reduce the risk of resulting depression).

Ultimately, you need to do your own cost analysis based on a multitude of personal factors.

And something to bear in mind is that with your loved one in your care, you may need to hire a home nurse or take on some duties yourself.

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Ken Dupin, the founder and chief executive of N2Care, says the approaching wave of seniors in need of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities will put a tremendous strain on Medicare and Medicaid.