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18-Dec-2020 12:17

In Myanmar society, the word “ma dain” is a very nasty word and is commonly used as an excuse to restrict the public life of girls and women The World Health Organization defines rape as “forced or coerced sex; the use of force, coercion or psychological intimidation by one person that requires another person to engage in a sex act against her or his will, whether or not the act is completed.”There are a wide range of topics to be taken into account if we want to address the current sexual violence against girls.

The following sections underscore that we need to consider Myanmar culture and context concerning women’s rights and sexuality, evaluate current efforts, and find the gaps.

The national government spent US7,120 (K150,831,600) in 2005 on HIV, while international donors (the governments of Norway, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Sweden) donated US,711,813 towards HIV programmes in Burma.

The years under the military regime corrupted Myanmar’s pillar of justice: the judiciary.

The lack of an indpendent judiciary under military rule has bred a culture of impunity for many years.

: Myanmar is a deeply patriarchal and conservative country where families of rape survivors hesitate to seek help and justice because there is a risk to one’s reputation that comes with sexual abuse.

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Many people still believe that part of the reason of rape occurs is due to the actions of the victim— that rape is the victim’s fault.Myanmar parents feel it is unsuitable for children to know about sex from a very young age.