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According to the study, background noise boosts concentration, creativity, and helps us enter a unique mental state called 'Flow,' where we can be working on something for what feels like ten minutes, then look up and find that three hours has passed."We found that ambient noise is an important antecedent for creative cognition,” said Ravi Mehta, a professor of business administration at the University of Illinois.“A moderate level of noise not only enhances creative problem-solving, but also leads to a greater adoption of innovative products in certain settings.”The scientist's findings show that if you work in an environment that's either too loud, too quiet or too distracting, you may achieve a productivity boost by donning headphones and listening to a digital noise generator, in the form of either a website streaming service or a downloadable app.Music is also designed to elicit an emotional response, which can be counter-productive if you're trying to achieve the trance-like mental state in which you find that words or numbers flow effortlessly. Customization - The site features around a hundred sound samples and soundscapes, divided into 11 categories: Atmospheres, Pattern Scapes, Sound Scapes, Magic Generators, Brainwaves, Tonal Drones, Natural Noises, Synthetic Noises, Industrial Noises and Voices.On the other hand, if you're performing mindless or repetitive tasks, it's been proven than listening to music on the job can actually increase your productivity, as it prevents you from becoming bored and slowing down... Other than office workers, other people who can benefit from online sound generators include: Career conducted a test drive of five of the top-rated online sound generators.* We rated these sites for:1. Each is broken down into subcategories, for instance: Natural Noises features sounds such as 'Rain on a Tent,' 'Healing Water,' 'Fire' and 'Cat Purr.' Each of sounds is then completely customizable by frequency (Adust Hz levels: 60-8k Hz; Adjust sound color: Brown, Pink, White or Grey sound; Adjust graphic equalizer; and named presets like 'Tranquil,' 'Comforting,' 'Calming,' 'Sleeping,' etc).Best of all, the colored background is constantly changing, cycling very subtly and slowly through a range of pastel colors in a very calming and soothing fashion.Noisli is almost as relaxing to look at as it is to listen to!Choose from a main sound group at the top of the screen, pick your favorite variation and then drag and drop your chosen sound effect into the 'Mixes' column at the side of the screen to create both Playlists and Mixes.The Sounds: Excellent quality, these are unique recordings not found anywhere else on the internet.

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The design is modern and crisp, with sound effects shown as graphical symbols that make the site very intuitive to use.

Ambience App is a downloadable app rather than a streaming website service, but it made our Top 5 list because of it's impressive vision, scale and innovation.

Overall: From our first few minutes of use, we were impressed to find that this app was a kind of 'i Tunes for Ambiance.' After downloading the app to your desktop, you get to choose from over 3500 high quality exclusive sounds that you won't find anywhere else, beautifully presented in a clean, clear and customizable interface.

Soundscapes - My's digitally engineered Soundscapes are particularly impressive, featuring wrap-around immersive audio landscapes such as 'Osmosis,' 'Twilight' and 'Saturn Rings' that will make you feel like you're walking on the surface of an alien planet, or drifting across a twinkling starscape.

You can build your own Soundscapes using the site's built in Generator, which plays up to 5 sound generators at once from one internet browser window (or just do what we do and open our favorite soundscapes in separate tabs, so they all play at once).Favorite Settings: Our favorite combo at the Career Bliss office is: Fireplace with Autumn Wind, Babbling Brook and Northern Lights.

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