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She'd had a few "zingers"—that sudden rush of electric sensation—when she'd realized he was sounding her out about her boundaries. Would she want to have a safeword or just trust him and play it by ear? Would he get so into his role that he would push her to finally spread her legs for him at that very public barstool, ride him on that centrally located bed, or get fucked while leaning over the railing? She let the complications fall away as she pulled on the stockings, the too-short plaid skirt, and the tight white blouse over the revealing bra.

It was almost a disappointment when she realized they were heading to the city and the swinger club's Naughty Schoolgirl Night. She was going to enjoy the hell out of tonight regardless.

Mark was already dressed, and he'd dressed the part: shirt, slacks, blazer... Weirder, he was sitting at the desk in the small hotel room, with a stack of books and papers in front of him. Claire, sit down." He gestured firmly to the chair.

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Inside, she recognized the remote-controlled vibrator they'd used only once in public. Unbeknownst to the volunteers, "Claire" would record for each if they were condition A (control) or condition B (aroused), where the kiss would coincide with Claire's vibrator triggering in her pussy.

"Oh, we have more work to do," he said, gently grabbing her hand and simultaneously turning up the setting on her vibrator. "You've been a very good assistant so far, but you need to keep focused.