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It's a priority for any industry struggling to streamline complex transaction flows. veteran and head of its financial services group, believes that the Redmond, Washington­based technology giant is perfectly placed to be a problem-solver for all.

Whether at a bank handling corporate payments, an insurer paying claims or a brokerage confirming trades, Microsoft systems are becoming ubiquitous all along the processing chain.

Market researchers expect securities industry technology spending to increase this year for the first time since 2001. 6) notes, "Negotiations are certainly as tough or tougher than they have ever been." The Online 40 profiles were compiled under the direction of Global Technology and Banking Editor Jeffrey Kutler and written by Kutler, Senior Editor Steven Brull, Senior Writers Loch Adamson and Justin Schack, Staff Writer Rich Blake and Contributors Jane Adams, Marianne Sullivan and John Wagley.

Such buoyancy may give pause to investors who worry that another bubble might be in the making. The executives spotlighted on the following pages in Institutional Investor's fifth annual Online Finance 40 are transforming their dot-com-era ventures into mature, moneymaking enterprises. PRESIDENT, Fidelity EBusiness Last year's rank: 1"We want to be the place that's the starting point for managing all of one's financial needs." Fidelity Investments' billion technology budget is staggering; only a few global financial institutions spend more on systems and operations.

"There's not much more business we can get beyond 93 percent," concedes Elterich, noting that special situations will always require human intervention.

But there's still plenty of opportunity to automate mutual fund trades, only 55 percent of which are initiated online.

Increasingly, they are executives of top financial institutions -- led by three-time No. 4), they are entrepreneurs who are steering their Internet start-ups into the corporate mainstream. At Citigroup, corporate technology officer William Belew (No. 8) and her rivals at Ameritrade Holding Corp., E*Trade Financial Corp. But Fidelity's Steve Elterich has had an additional luxury: stability.

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With 5 million enrolled customers, Fidelity's proportion of equity trades that are online increased from 89 percent to 93 percent over the past year.Take, for example, an electronic payments initiative based on Microsoft's Biz Talk Accelerator, involving Bank of New York Co., Scandinavia's Nordea and Charles Schwab & Co.