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We have the works of the great thinkers and their heirs, we have scientific knowledge they could not have dreamed of.

This is an extraordinary time for the understanding of the human condition.

68 (from communes to terrorism) and its commodification in late capitalism, the Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat gives a possible answer to the question of why it is that the most radical revolutionaries like Lenin or Che were scared of the radicality of love.

Enemy at the Gates is a war film from Jean-Jacques Annaud from 2001 that takes place during the battle of Stalingard in World War II between the Russians and the Germans.Sometimes it is equated with lunatic positions, such as that “science is all that matters” or that “scientists should be entrusted to solve all problems.” Sometimes it is clarified with adjectives like “simplistic,” “naïve,” and “vulgar.” The definitional vacuum allows me to replicate gay activists’ flaunting of “queer” and appropriate the pejorative for a position I am prepared to defend.Scientism, in this good sense, is not the belief that members of the occupational guild called “science” are particularly wise or noble.The author describes the 'unspoken topics' that are directly involved in the revolution presses in Iraq, Russia and Vietnam.

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Worth reading if you what to have a non-stream perspective on the politics. On the other side it seemed at times to be a bit shallow.

I also would have expected a young philosopher to pick up something from the women's movement. Salvando las distancias (necesita una perspectiva de género en la obra y que a mí no me parece que use el vocabulario adecuado para hablar de grandes líderes revolucionarios) es una buena reflexión sobre el amor como algo necesario de forma libre.“Solidarity is something much more than mercy: usually when you appease your conscience (donate money to starving children in Africa, to use the usual Starbucks example), you can go on with your daily life as if nothing really happened.