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16-Dec-2020 15:42

Some critics say that your advice is old-fashioned and disempowering to women. Sherrie: Our clients and readers are doctors, lawyers, CEOs and MBAs, but they are losing their “specialness” by being too transparent online.

They are giving away some of their power and mystery by being available 24/7 in every facet of technology.

However, that book was written in 1995 — long before things like texting and Facebook entered the picture.

To address these new technology-driven dating challenges, Fein and Schneider wrote a follow-up book released in January 2013 called .

Given all the progress women have made financially, professionally and otherwise, why is “playing hard to get” still so effective in keeping men interested? It’s effective because we are telling women not to chase men, be too needy or text men two or three times in a row (e.g. ”) because it reeks of desperation, low self-esteem, and a lack of boundaries. We’re feminists, and most of our readers and clients are attractive, smart and successful.

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He may start hitting the “ignore” button when you call. Far from being annoyed or insulted by it, men love being given a little silence and space, because they are not nearly as verbal as women.

Now that technology plays such a strong role in our dating lives, what’s the biggest mistake single women make today?