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During puberty, sexual development occurs in a set sequence.

However, when the changes begin and how quickly they occur vary from person to person.

For boys, puberty begins at age 9½ to 10½ years and lasts about 3 years.

The chart shows a typical sequence and normal range of development for the milestones of sexual development.

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In fact, ‘who likes whom’ became a popular topic of conversation.” While going through puberty, some young people find themselves attracted to members of the same sex.That means there’s no need to be overly concerned if you’re nearing your mid-teens and you haven’t yet started the process Perhaps the most obvious change that comes with puberty is a growth spurt.The problem is, not all your body parts grow at the same rate.If you’re between the ages of 10 and 14, you’ve probably started to experience puberty or some of the changes that happen when your body changes from a child to a young adult. Some boys may experience a growth spurt sooner than others, while other boys might get facial hair or a deeper voice later than others.

Puberty in boys can start as early as age nine and as late as 15, but eventually, everyone goes through it! Hormones—the body’s chemical signals—tell your body to begin changing.

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