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16-Feb-2021 17:14

But since it takes two to tango, where is the “white boy fever” phrase in our society, and why is it that the motives of Asian women who date white men are called into question less frequently?

In a 2007 study done by economist Ray Fisman at Columbia University regarding racial preference in dating, studies found that the white man-Asian woman pairing was most common not because of any marked preference by white men, but because East Asian women preferred white men over Hispanic and black men.

Whether the stereotype is the geisha girl, the China doll or the concubine, East Asian women have been hypersexualized and fantasized to be submissive, domestic and coquettish by Western media for quite some time now.

Cio-Cio San kills herself in Giaconomo Puccini’s opera “Madama Butterfly” when her lover, the white navy lieutenant, leaves her with child for his American wife.

Another perspective is that newcomers function well within the greater society (without necessarily being absorbed into the dominant culture) — a good descriptive of this would be “harmonisation”.

For example, a minority group may live segregated from the dominant group but are nevertheless thriving, with social indicators (e.g.

This has led to many benefits as well as challenges to our society.

Some countries are struggling to integrate immigrants into the mainstream society and this has sparked an intense debate throughout western democracies, which have been the principal recipients of the newcomers.

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Social tensions and problems arise when minority groups do not assimilate or harmonise.IFORS 2017 I will be presenting at the 21st Conference of International Federation of Operations Research Societies 2017 (IFORS 2017) in Quebec City (17-).My talk will look at the socio-demographic characteristics of the migrants entering Europe and compare them against EU and Germany.And although I am often hesitant to reduce human attraction to numbers in a study, I did find it interesting that when so many people are willing to make broad sweeping generalizations regarding “yellow fever,” they are less likely to reflect back on the fact that there are two people making conscious choices to be in the specific relationship.

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If we are going to freely psychoanalyze the mania of the white man and his so-called desire to dominate, isn’t it only fair to also recognize the role-fulfilling women who are helping complete the stereotype?

It is problematic, however, when women are consciously sought after because of the sexual implications that media has portrayed their particular ethnicity to have.

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