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30-Nov-2020 05:45

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Simple vehicle repairs can be preformed provided they uphold the declaration and can be performed same day. As stated in the House Rules section F.7 (Parking Amendment), What does drivable mean?

Examples includes, washing and cleaning, flat tire repair, windshield wiper replacement, lamp replacement and similar. It means that you could be asked by community management to demonstrate that your vehicle can be properly driven on a public road.

Please submit your request through the Villas management company. Yes, please see the section titled Rule Enforcement. Yes, provided the leasing term is six months or longer. The House Rule D.6 (page 3) states , which will: (1) injure the reputation of the Project, (2) jeopardize the safety or soundness of the Project, (3) create a nuisance or interfere with or unreasonably disturb the rights of other Owners and occupants, (4) reduce the value of the Project, (5) result in the cancellation of insurance applicable to the Project Putting a vehicle on blocks in driveways is prohibited because it is both unsightly and dangerous.

Under no circumstances are vacation rentals, transient or hotel like leases allowed by either the Villas or by the County of Kauai. The changing of automotive fluids is also not allowed on the driveways because of the possibility of spillage.

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After much debate and research, the Board has decided that it cannot adequately police dog barking especially since the county of Kauai already has laws governing excessive dog barking.

Keeping parked vehicles in drivable condition also helps protect the communitys value. Under no circumstances can a vehicle be parked on any grass area in the community, except for temporary loading and unloading.

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