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23-Apr-2020 17:27

There are many ranks ranging from slaves, masters, mistresses to shopkeepers, vampires, etc. Enjoy being a Master or a Servant, or even both - with your own pick of Abilities, Noble Phantasms and Magic according to the rules of the Nasu Universe. This long-term storyline has been actively online for the past three-and-a-half years and brilliantly features characters from different sources of Victorian-era literature and film. A small site dedicated to serious role playing with some familiar faces.

Welcome to Vault Tec Industries This is a post by post free roam roleplay set in a post apocolyptic North America based on the video game franchise Fallout. It's run by Hostilecrayon who will be making some changes to the forum in the upcoming months. My RPG is a website for any gamers looking for a more convenient way to find Paper and Pencil RPGs online.

Forum-based roleplay based upon the Advance Wars game series. Cresca Libere is a budding RP site that offers original RP storylines as well as fan favorites set around popular fiction plotlines.(Not based on twilight.)A free lord of the rings style site that has a easy going but dedicated Admin and two Mods.The sites always getting bigger and we take are members suggestions seriously.Set prior to the first Advance Wars, it hosts a bunch of original characters, while utilising the game-based world, mechanics, units, and so on. The World of Tur is a freeform fantasy roleplay set in a land the gods have abandoned. Where a boy king marches to war against a warlord as cruel as the Sandlands he rules. We also offer help with creating characters and improving writing skills! Of Saints and Sailors is a no-fandom historical fantasy advanced play-by-post RPG, set in the Caribbeans in 1727. Imperia is a fantasy based, advanced freeform role playing game based on m IRC and hosted on the Darkmyst network. After a horrifying cataclysm, all of the main villages were destroyed except Konoha. Will you climb the ladder to become of the strongest shinobi? After the destruction of their universe, a handful of people from Earth must now survive in a new galaxy.

The new king of England sent his ruthless son to stop piracy here. It is a never ending epic between many forces, filled with riveting storylines, extensively fleshed out environments, and seeking new players This is an intense, active roleplay forum that is based in a more historical time period. Faced with creatures they have never seen before, they must now fend for themselves, and explore this new universe. Become a part of the fictional Holy Grail War of Shinichi and follow the basic storyline of F/SN.There is typically something to suit everyone's a dedicated home for on-line role playing games of the play-by-post, ICQ, chatroom and tabletop varieties. We house several member based role plays as well as one site official Rp.

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