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Night is getting on when three Korean girls in negligée cocktail dresses slip through the crowd, carrying electric violins on their way to the aft stage.

The yacht yaws to port as the group saws into a number that no one can understand. The boat sits on yacht row, made up here for the 3GSM World Congress.

With their new program, Skype, all they want to do is commandeer all the phones in the world.

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Meantime, the boutique streets are floating in color-coded nametags. And when you're sucking wind off the squeaky-kneed 0 billion telephone industry, then old may as well be dead. The figures plotting the shift, in this Cannes café, are slope-shouldered and Scandinavian, one six feet four, the other six-five.But Zennström, 39 (married, no kids), and Friis, 29 (single), couldn't enjoy the moment.In October 2001, the member companies of the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America filed suit against Kazaa, claiming the company was party to the straight theft of copyrighted material.The bar here hangs sweaty with the sex reek of money rubbing together, the high clatter of capital bouncing off the four walls. "I'll be watching for you," says one teeth-showing suntan.

A man in tasseled loafers proclaims "this whole thing" to be "massive." The principals slip the clutches, keeping it all ice cold, until at last there is Y, taking the form of three men rather like the others.

Once Napster fell, Kazaa raised the flag, quickly going on to become the most downloaded software on the brief time line of the Internet: 390 million total downloads, with three billion files traded per month.