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Design Description of cases of transsexuals who have developed a hormone-related malignancy observed in their own clinic or reported in the literature.

Recommendations for early diagnosis and prevention are presented.

While the initial treatment with cross-sex hormones is mainly concentrated in specialized centers, complications occurring in the longer term are often seen in general practice, and these complications are only occasionally reported in the scientific literature.

So, it is likely that there is an underreporting of (serious) complications of cross-sex hormone therapy.

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Some cancers of reproductive organs are hormone related.The biology of hormone-dependent tumors differs from tissue to tissue.The Women's Health Initiative Study has recently demonstrated that women receiving estrogen plus progestin hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have an increased risk of invasive breast carcinoma, but women receiving estrogen only (estrogen replacement therapy) exhibit no increased risk of breast carcinoma (5).Should, for instance, estrogen administration to male-to-female transsexuals (MTF) follow the guidelines formulated for postmenopausal women and should the administration of estrogens be discontinued at a certain age?

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MTF themselves are usually reluctant to stop administration of hormones for fear that the secondary sex characteristics of the acquired sex will diminish.Recently, a website has been opened for reporting side effects of cross-sex hormone treatment (