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Cognate languages, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other Greek works were also consulted.The Septuagint and other versions were compared for interpretation of textual differences.

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:) The price is fine---well worth it for something that will be passed down from generation to generation. 9/2017 Signs Section Fire Section US Army Section Air Related Section Recognition Section Single Badge Section Oversize Badge & Patch Section Perpetual Plaque Section Academy Section Sheriff's Section Fire Section Emblems/Seals Section Perpetual Plaque Section CHP Section Police Shadowboxes Section Fire Section Academy Section Wall Lettering Oversize Badge & Patch Section Perpetual Plaque Section CHP Section LAWA Section Pomona PD Section Single Badge Section Recognition Section LAPD Section Police Shadowbox Section Fallen/ E. Org Chart Section Fire Section Police Shadowboxes Section Badge History Section Podium Seal Section "Of The Quarter/Year" Section Long Beach Section Oversize Badge Section "Other Stuff" Section Police Shadowboxes Section Podium Emblems Section Air Force Section "Other Stuff" Section Police Shadowbox Section Recognition Section Canvas Wraps Section Large Signs Section VAPD Section Police Shadowbox Section Ethics Section Police Shadowbox Section La Habra PD Section Police Shadowbox Section Oversize Patches Badges and Coins Section Perpetual Plaque Section Fire Section Academy Section... Section Academy Section Fire Section Plaque Options Section USMC Section Explorers Section Palm Springs PD Section Perpetual Plaques Section Acrylic box projects "Other Stuff" Section Flag Presentations Large Signs Section Fire Section Army Section Large Signs Section Police Shadowbox Section Sheriff Section Police Shadowbox Section Police Shadowboxes University Section Academy Section Larger Sign Section Perpetual Plaque Section Magnetic Section Police Shadowboxes LAWA Section Recognition Section Police Misc. I appreciate all your efforts for an awesome job and havepassed out your catalogue around the Department. Section San Leandro PD Section Signs Section Emblems & Seals Section Lettering Section E. Section ; br EXOS Members Board Perpetual Plaque - 48 spaces / framed in black leather with silver accent fillet. Perpetual Plaque Section Fitness & Gym Section Police Shadowbox Section Academy Section Sheriff's Section ; Long Beach PD Section Badge & Patch Reproductions Emblems & Seals Police Misc. Section Academy Section Army Section Ethics Section Santa Monica PD Section Baker 2 Vegas Section E. See description on the Badge Collection Section link below. Section Printed Background Section "..had a fantastic party on Saturday. -Tirrell Police Standard Frames Section K-9 Section Orange PD Section Actual Scale of Justice presentation for Mc Nicholas & Mc Nicholas 3/2016. Section "Other Stuff" Section Recognition Section Podium Section Badge & Patch Reproduction Section Sign Section Orange PD Section Recognition Section Fire Section University Section Wall Sign Section Caricatures Section Recognition Section Sheriff's Section Perpetual Plaque Section LAPD Section Police Shadowbox Section Podium Section Ontario PD Section Archive Section Police Shadowbox Section Long Beach PD Section Pomona PD Section K-9 Section SWAT Section CHP/Trooper Section Printed Backboard Section Army Section SET/SWAT Section Recognition Section Chino PD Section El Monte PD Section Chino PD Section Archives Section Badge Collection Section Emblems & Seals Section Police Shadowbox Section NYPD Section Police Shadowbox Section Murrieta PD Section Oversize Badge/Patch Section Emblems & Seals Section Fontana PD Section Pomona PD Section Fallen/E. We had the retirement celebration for Ron Garcia last night and he absolutely loved the shadow box and the framed caricature : ) Thank u for all of your hard work and capturing his career in such a beautiful way!!! You guys have a special talent in what u do...thank u for sharing it with all of us : ) San Pablo PD EOW / Fallen Section Chief's Section "Other Stuff" Section Marshal's Section Single Badge Section K-9 Section Recognition Section San Pablo Section Perpetual Plaque Section Plaque Options Section Navy Section Pink Patch Section Unique presentation using an acrylic box with a "frame lip". Section Emblems & Seals Section Packing & Shipping Section Archives Section Police Shadowbox Section Sheriff Section Academy Section Printed Backboard Section Oversize Badge & Patch Section SWAT Section Dispatch Section Police Shadowboxes Rialto PD Section Police Standard Frames Section Chief's Section Flag Presentations Fallen/E. Section Ontario PD Section K-9 Section Chief's Section Emblems & Seals Section Army Section District Attorney Section Hi Bill, I just received our podium sign. "Other Stuff" Section Printed Backboard Section Medals Section Sheriff's Section Perpetual Plaque Section Just wanted to reach out and send a HUGE Thank u to u and all of the gang at Badge Frame!!!Again Thank You forthe Honoring my Father on your website, please leave it up as long as you can. / Fallen Section Army Section Florham Park PD Section Sheriff's Section Fallen / E. I cannot thank y'all enoughfor your help and professionalism. This magnetic chart incorporates magnetic C-Channels with slide-in names and positions. Your attention to detail and qualityis unparalleled.

Thank you from the son of Louis Bianco WWII Army, Louis Bianco Jr.(retired police Lieutenant) Florham Park, New Jersey Thanks Louis Jr. Myself and the thousands that visit this site wish you thebest and appreciate your father's service. If there is any place I can write a review, please sendme the link. He will absolutely lovethis gift to memorialize his servicemoving into retirement. We debuted our audio and video presentations with great success. Then badge Frame will be at the FBI NAA California Chapter Show Sep.From this page you can download add-on modules to expand your library. Once you download the file, double-click it to execute the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.