Validating multiple fields in flex

18-Jan-2021 15:39

The EDI inbound program and the Import Price Catalogs program are run as a request set when you choose Submit Request in the EDI import programs window.

The EDI inbound program loads the interface tables; the Import Price Catalogs program validates the data and loads the validated data into Purchasing.

validating multiple fields in flex-63

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It then flags the record as “Not Processable.”It is important to check the Purchasing Interface Errors report (a report of the errors in the PO_INTERFACE_ERRORS table) after you import the documents.

If you are using e-Commerce Gateway to import blanket purchase agreements and catalog quotations (in the form of flat files) into the Purchasing Documents Open Interface, your supplier can send you a flat file with one of three action codes (in the ACTION column of the PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE table): Original, Replace, or Update.