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Watch Now After passing the Captain's exam last season, Beckett was surprised with an offer to run for State Senate.

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Watch Now After a man is mysteriously murdered in a park, Castle and Beckett team up with a competitive, high-powered female detective from Hong Kong, who has information about the victim.But when new information suddenly arises, he and Beckett must race against the clock to prevent a miscarriage of justice.

I visit the site at least once a fortnight to see whats new. Oh incidentally, whilst in Cyprus on a scheme, I managed to shoot the gear stick off a One ton Humber truck with a 303 rifle. I was involved with the RAF Fayid Ballet and Opera Circle on Thursday nights at the YMCA.… continue reading »

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Adding to the fun are the exquisite sculptures and fountains in areas with names like Toad's Corner, Texas Town, and Pecan Grove.… continue reading »

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