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04-Jan-2021 10:30

Today’s hero is a far cry from Dr Ahmer, he does not waste time judging a woman’s character or personality.

Clearly the path to his heart is through his stomach as his main concern is who makes good .

However, the scope for romance has slowly become more and more limited as male protagonists have become villains rather than heroes and our heroines have lost agency and sit weeping in corners, waiting to be rescued.

Similarly in Humsafar, Asher's sitting alone reading a newspaper a few years after Khirad has left makes it clear that he has not conveniently married Sara.The use of subtle gestures with eyes with less words and no physical touching – because that would ruin it.”Mean what you don’t say — how our dramas work to show love without action The absence of the physical is often replaced by that other device — banter.