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"Śrī" may be understood as the iconographic "glory" that is the halo and aura often depicted in art in many traditions as well as what is felt in truly good people in whom this heartmind or however else it is understood or codified in the various precious traditions of the World is manifest when we are open to the experience.

Sometimes this holiness transforms people who are not even consciously ready for the experience.

My endeavour at precision is not to close the openness of what I write, but to assist the comprehension and thereby the reception of this overview.

This work is twofold, it is a cursory exploration of "nonduality" in the wisdom traditions of the World's peoples and I have chosen selectively and with purpose.

This is what I term Systems Theology: a theology informed by Systems Theory and Cybernetics.

Which is curious considering that Systems Theory and Cybernetics were informed by the Buddhadharma teaching of Pratītyasamutpāda of Śākyamuni (fl c.400 BCE).(Beauford the citation for this may be in the Permaculture Bible.) The essence of the teaching understood as Pratītyasamutpāda isn't peculiar just to the Buddhadharma.

I have no particular interest in esotericism and secret knowledge in truth.

I have not sought to plan an overt structure as this engenders insidious bias but a natural structure has and will continue to grow organically as the project projects.

I am hopeful that a clear, intelligible and intuitive structure(s) and/or themes will gracefully present themselves.

"Samtana" or continuum is both the Mindstream of which I have written about on Wikipedia as well as the the "flux" of all materiality, not even diamonds are forever as they are not timeless.

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I claim many of these traditions as mine simply as I am a Human in the current fulcrum of global culture, but I hold that in the system and development of human spirituality in a fashion many of these traditions have impacted on each other specifically in identifiable ways as well as indirectly in ways both known and unknown.The Doctrine of Flux has been associated with Heroclitus (c. 475 BCE)) by Plato (428/427 – 348/347 BCE) and Aristotle (384 – 322 BCE) as affirmed by Craig (1998: p.694).

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