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24-Jun-2020 21:11

Underwood embraced pink again later, sporting a red and rose bodycon dress designed from geometric silk.Her unlucky co-host Brad happened to lose his pants at the same moment, causing the married starlet to turn her head and say 'Woah there!

But that was far from the end of Carrie's outfit swaps.

Turning around, the Before He Cheats singer revealed an equally bare back, accentuated with towering blue heels.

Her earrings were a perfect match, featuring pink and blue shapes hanging shoulder-length.

On October 1, Stephen Paddock fired onto a crowd of approximately 22K during Jason Aldean's set at the festival, killing 58 and leaving another 546 injured.

Carrie looked elegant as ever during her somber song, donning a champagne colored gown with floral appliques upon the shoulders and skirt.Later on the star joined the stage on a happier note, sporting a gold jumpsuit with shimmering sheath.