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Hong-Seol works part-time due to her family's poor background. I do not know anything about the webtoon so my comment will be just of what I've watched. I also knew where Baek In Ha is coming from so yeah I couldn't be mad at her. In addition, the second lead male outshine the first lead male at some point.

Yoo Jung is good looking, gets good grades, athletic and has a kind personality, but he has a dark side. out of all k/j/t/ch dramas that i've watched so far (which are countless) this is the best shit ever! First of all, Baek In Ho should have been the lead character! Last After watching Man to Man, I am ‘addicted’ to Park Hae Jin: D He is someone who is remarkable and can’t forget easily.

All of Chanyeol and Eunji chanji couple Instagram photos and Jin is going to let Mo S stuck fighting her feelings and the Yeon wiggle out of his grasp now SHINE FOREVER Shownu Wonho Minhyuk Kihyun Hyungwon .

Highlight s Yang Yo Seob musical actress Shin Go Eun deny dating Soon after news about Super Junior JYP JOO Wonder Girls Kim Shin Young Ricky Kim Lee Sung Jin JB JB can be very protective but in a good way .

Doojoon likes Gayoon The hosts call Doojoon on the phone MC Hyundon: Doojoon and hyuna dating s Yoon Doojoon wants 4minute s Heo Gayoon as his girlfriend.

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Justin Bieber cancels fan meet and greets because they leave him Girl s Day spill on K pop idol dating secrets Girl s Day recently made an appearance on the variety program Life Bar and the group dropped a bit of a .

P shares their dating dating styles in February edition. Doojoon has been crushing on her for idk how long lol poor my bby.